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Miyawaki Method

The Miyawaki Method is among the most successful tree planting strategies for fast establishing forest cover on degraded land that has previously been used for agriculture or building.

It works because it is based on natural forestry principles, such as employing native species and reproducing natural forest regeneration processes

Major Features of Miyawaki Forest

    • One of the most visible features in a Miyawaki forest is the dense planting of seedlings. This mimics the regeneration process takes place in a real forest when a canopy clearing opens up as a result of a bigger tree falling.
    • To compete for light, saplings grow quickly, and natural selection favours the quickest growing individuals, causing the trees to thin down.
    • As a result, a tightly packed pioneer forest grows in 20 to 30 years rather than 150 to 200 years.

Applications of the Miyawaki Method
The Miyawaki Method has been utilized effectively in over 3000 projects across the world, and its popularity is growing in Europe.
Because of its capacity to swiftly build a dense native forest, the approach is effective for developing urban micro forests, recovering rainforest and Japanese evergreen broadleaf forests, and planting in arid Mediterranean habitats where conventional forestry techniques have failed.
Best farming technique for maximum harvest
The Miyawaki Method Miyawaki Method is an excellent approach to kickstart the growth of a forest or woodland, with significant advantages for carbon capture and biodiversity restoration.